Our experience and respect for the water inspires us to be the best, and innovate easy to use water recovery products.

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Captain Shane Smith, President

Shane learned all aspects of the tugboat business including diving, salvage, bunkering and ocean towing at Smith Maritime in Hawaii, which his late father Jimmy Smith founded in the 1970’s.


He wanted to explore other companies outside of the family owned business, so he moved to California. There, he worked for over 30 years as a Tug Captain performing coastwise towing, pushing barges on the rivers, and ship docking on the San Francisco Bay. He has operated push boats, conventional, and tractor tugs.


Shane has spent a good part of his career training Captains and helping companies go through internal and external audits, with a full understanding of the SMS systems.


What concerned him most was that the SMS systems used by tug companies were focused on monthly or quarterly MOB drills, while never having a way to retrieve the person from the water.

The Company

Shane started C-HERO LLC in a shop with the notion of helping crews with MOB recovery. From these humble beginnings, the company has come a long way, providing a full Man Overboard Rescue System, with strategic partners such as Emerald Marine Products, which makes the ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System.


Our partnership with Harken, Inc. provides world class engineering and manufacturing of the C-Hero® Rescue Davit and Rescue Pole at ISO 9001

Captain Shane Smith at home in the wheelhouse

standards in their 175,000 square foot Manufacturing facility on the first floor of their World Headquarters in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA.


The newest partnership with Spinlock, provides us with precision line control of our rescue lifting line. We are excited that both Harken and Spinlock wanted to help and to be a part of our man overboard recovery project.


The C-HERO® system has a proven 3 minute underway one-person recovery of an unconscious MOB, and we are always looking to make it better. Shane still goes out on the boats, to stay in touch with the needs of the crews and their companies.  Our commitment to MOB is not just selling a product, but to help with existing systems. We want crews safe and companies happy, with everyone coming home to their families.


Our experience and respect for the water inspires us to be the best, and innovate easy to use water recovery products.

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