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Our commitment is to crews safety by innovating the necessary products and training for a quick rescue

Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

Captain Shane Smith, President

Shane gained extensive experience in the tugboat industry, including diving, salvage, bunkering, and ocean towing, while working at his father's company, Smith Maritime in Hawaii. 


Seeking new opportunities, he relocated to California and spent over 30 years as a Tug Captain, specializing in coastwise towing, pushing barges on rivers, and ship docking in the San Francisco Bay. He has operated various types of tugboats, including push boats, conventional, and tractor tugs. 


Throughout his career, Shane has dedicated time to training Captains and assisting companies in their operations. 


However, what troubled him the most was the SMS systems used by tug companies, without the ability to retrieve individuals from the water. He felt that the MOB drills should be done realistically with a weighted dummy as if it were an emergency like the Coast Guard requires. 


Inspired to address this concern, Shane founded C-HERO LLC in a humble shop. The company has since grown into a leading provider of a comprehensive rescue product line while developing strategic partnerships with Harken, Spinlock, and Emerald Marine Products. This has provided access to the finest rescue tools and engineering available. 


Captain Shane Smith at home in the wheelhouse

Notably, our C-HERO® system has been proven to achieve a three-minute underway one-person recovery of an unconscious MOB, during a Coast Guard inspection. However, we never stop striving for improvement. Shane himself continues to go out on the boats, to stay connected with the needs of the crews and their companies. 

At C-HERO, our commitment extends beyond simply selling a product. We genuinely aim to assist companies with their existing systems, ensuring the safety of crews and the satisfaction of their companies. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that everyone returns home safely to their families. 

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