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Golden State Bridge, Inc - 1 Person underway COI - March 30, 2020

Golden State Bridge, Inc.Subchapter T Boat Receives COI after performing a One-Person MOB Recovery

Using their brand new C-Hero Flat Mount Rescue Davit and Rescue Pole, Captain Bill Hearon performed a one-person underway MOB Recovery of their Oscar Dummy for his U.S.C.G. Subchapter T COI inspection and certificate.

Left to Right: Captain Bill Hearon (holding his new COI certificate, and Golden State Bridge President Dave Riccitiello.

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Coast Guard Maritime Commons - Lt. Amy Midgett - MARCH 12, 2020

“'... When Coast Guard marine inspectors go out for a scheduled inspection, or post marine-casualty, part of what their looking for is to ensure the vessel has the equipment required by Subchapter M but also that the crew understands how to use it,” Hnatow said. “Practice makes permanent. The more you practice correctly – whether you have the Coast Guard option or the TSMS option – it’s going to be automatic in the event of an emergency. That’s why our marine inspectors ask those questions.'

In a discussion about the recent CVC policy letter issued on the Coast Guard’s Subchapter M enforcement policy, Hnatow said the Coast Guard marine inspector determines a company’s fleet size information from the Certificate of Documentation, which is based on information provided by the owner/operator during the application process. If vessels in a company’s fleet are listed under different names or different mailing addresses, it will affect the phase in requirement percentage ..."

Emerald Marine Products - February 2020

When Deckhands or Shore-Side Workers go Missing

“... You are determined to put an operational procedure in place to train your employees on both the hazards of an MOB and most important a response to a MOB. Emerald Marine Products has been manufacturing MOB alerting products for over twenty years.

It is with our partnership with C-Hero, manufacture of MOB retrieval products, that our ability to offer companies a complete solution in awareness and retrieval of MOB incidents is complete. Emerald Marine Products and C-Hero have taken the mystery out of MOB awareness, operational execution and continued compliance. ...”

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