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Our new Rescue Kits provide all of the versatility and capability of our VR 14 & RS 14 Rescue Poles in a space saving design. There are two overall reach lengths, that's hoop and coupled poles together, available:

  -  RK 8 which is a two pole, single coupler, system

  -  RK 11 which is a three pole, dual coupler, system

Either of the above Kit reach lengths, when broken down and in the ready to stow configuration, measures a tidy 38" X 26" X 3". Pick up both the floatation and storage bag options to round out your Rescue Kit!

The Kit can be acquired with either our + Standard Strap to be utilized with a lifting device or our + Recovery Strap for a manual one or two person lift.

Patent Pending in US, UK, Canada & Europe

"We just don't have a whole lot of space on our boats so when we saw the Rescue Kit, we knew we found our solution."
Capt. W. Busch
RQ Construction


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The video above is an example of the C-Hero Rescue Pole and Flush Mount Davit in a man overboard (MOB) drill scenario



This intuitive rescue system, goes over the person and under the arms, to attach the lifting strap for a vertical recovery. Crew members stay inside the bulwarks when using. It provides quick recovery of conscious and unconscious people. The + Recovery Strap has two 1” web straps, with alternating handles that snap together so 1 or 2 people can lift. This is a good system if you don’t have a lifting davit. 



When deployed, the strap goes over the person's shoulders, one at a time, and then under their arms for a vertical recovery. To be used with any of our three C-Hero Rescue Davits (available in either Bitt or Flat Mount applications) or your vessel's anchor handling davit. The Rescue Kit can be easily and quickly reloaded for additional rescues. The + Standard Strap automatically detaches from the snaps and holding blocks to the person by cinching the slide buckle across the  chest.​​​


Tech Specs


Kit Size - Stowed (cm)

96.5 X 66 X 7.6

Kit Size - Stowed (in)

38 X 26 X 3

RK 8 Reach (m/ft) *hoop & coupled poles

2.43 / 8

RK 11 Reach (m/ft) *hoop & coupled poles

3.35 / 11

RK 8 Weight (kg/lb)

3.6 / 8

RK 11 Weight (kg/lb)

4.1 / 9

Capacity (kg / lb)

181 / 400




Rescue Pole Overview

Rescue Pole Overview
Rescue Pole Overview
Play Video

Rescue Pole Overview

C-Hero One Man MOB Rescue
Play Video

C-Hero One Man MOB Rescue

Training C-Hero Rescue Pole and Davit
Play Video

Training C-Hero Rescue Pole and Davit

MOB Manual Rescue and WITH a C-Hero Rescue Pole with Recovery Straps
Play Video

MOB Manual Rescue and WITH a C-Hero Rescue Pole with Recovery Straps

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