The HR-12 operates similarly to the other C-Hero family of Rescue Poles however this system deploys a body sling under the PIW.  Upon being lifted, the person exits the water in a horizontally seated position thereby avoiding a potential hydrostatic squeeze situation.  Your current VR-12 Rescue Pole can be upgraded to the HR-12 and includes a full hoop cover. Pair the HR-12 Rescue Pole + Body Sling with any of our Rescue Davits to create a total system.  System includes a custom protective hoop cover. Contact us for pricing.

Patent Pending in US, UK, Canada & Europe



  • 2 detachable 6ft. long foam-filled poles

  • 3/4” aluminum tubing hoop

  • 7 ft. closed loop with 2" lifting straps, steel lifting triangle, and 1" side web straps

  • Holding blocks and snaps, that detach when the body strap is deployed

  • Weighted and labeled, for ease of operation, body strap loads into a buoyant UV resistant Sunbrella top cover.

  • “V” cleat for holding the lift line and keeping it
    out of the way

  • The HR-12 system includes a premium full hoop cover



Pole Length (m)

3.6 m

Pole Length (ft)

12 ft

Lifting Strap Width (cm)

5.0 cm

Lifting Strap Width (in)

2.0 in

Weight (kg)

5.2 kg

Weight (lb)

11.4 lbs