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In a man overboard (MOB) situation, The last thing you need is the risk of another person in the water. The C-Hero Rescue Pole improves your risk mitigation by allowing the rescuer to stay on deck and reach down to the person in water (PIW).  Pair the VR 14 - Lifting Strap with any of our Rescue Davits to create a total system.  Custom protective hoop cover available. Contact us for pricing.

Patent Pending in US, UK, Canada & Europe

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"I was skeptical but soon saw the value. 3 minute recovery!!"
M. Di Napoli
Breakwater Marine


The video above is an example of the C-Hero Rescue Pole and Tugboat Rescue Davit in a man overboard (MOB) drill scenario



Time is of the essence in a rescue situation, and keeping the deck crew safe is paramount. The Rescue Pole keeps your crew safely inside the bulwarks of the vessel. 

Two detachable 1.8 m (6') long 3.2 cm (1.25") diameter foam-filled poles allow the MOB to be pulled close to the boat before deploying the strap. When deployed, the strap goes over the person in the water and then under their arms for a vertical recovery. To be used with the C-Hero Rescue Davit, sold separately, or with your boat’s anchor-handling davit. Rescue poles can be easily and quickly re-rigged for additional rescues. With both coupled poles and the hoop you have up to 4.2 m (14’) of reach. The rescue strap automatically detaches from holding blocks and snaps when being secured to the person by cinching the slide-buckle.


  • Quick recovery of conscious and unconscious people

  • Easy and fast even if the person in water can't assist

  • 3/4” foam-covered marine grade aluminum tubing
    with SOLAS reflective tape on foam covers provides
    a strong, reliable recovery

  • Optional floatation, for ease of retrieval, available

  • One way slide buckle, so it won’t open up

  • Visible red strap with rated lifting triangle

  • Two 6 foot, coupled to 12 feet, foam filled poles with V cleat to hold the line

  • Fast to reload if there are more recoveries

  • Part of the C-Hero® complete Man Overboard Rescue System, or Can be used with other lifting devices

Tech Specs


Overall Reach (m)

4.2 m

Overall Reach (ft)

14 ft

Pole Ø (cm)

3.2 cm

Pole Ø (in)

1.25 in

Weight (kg)

4.0 kg

Weight (lb)

9.0 lb




Rescue Pole Overview

Rescue Pole Overview
Rescue Pole Overview
Play Video

Rescue Pole Overview

C-Hero One Man MOB Rescue
Play Video

C-Hero One Man MOB Rescue

Training C-Hero Rescue Pole and Davit
Play Video

Training C-Hero Rescue Pole and Davit

MOB Manual Rescue and WITH a C-Hero Rescue Pole with Recovery Straps
Play Video

MOB Manual Rescue and WITH a C-Hero Rescue Pole with Recovery Straps

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