In an man overboard (MOB) situation, The last thing you need is the risk of another person in the water. The C-Hero Rescue Pole W/ Recovery Strap improves your risk mitigation by allowing the rescuer to stay on deck and reach down to the person in water (PIW). The strap is then used for a vertical recovery.  Contact us for pricing.

Patent Pending in US, UK, Canada & Europe

"I don't feel safe on a vessel without the C-Hero Rescue Pole!"
Capt. K. Brown
Ingram Barge Company


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The video above is an example of the C-Hero Rescue Pole and Flush Mount Davit in a man overboard (MOB) drill scenario




This intuitive rescue system, goes over the person and under the arms, to attach the lifting strap for a vertical recovery. Crew members stay inside the bulwarks when using. It provides quick recovery of conscious and unconscious people. The VR-12 Recovery Strap has two 1” web straps, with alternating handles that snap together so 1 or 2 people can lift. This is a good system if you don’t have a lifting davit. It can be used up to 8 ft. of freeboard.

Asset 1.png


  • 2 detachable 6ft. long foam filled poles

  • 3/4” aluminum tubing

  • 7 ft. closed hoop with foam filled covers, strong to pull body close

  • Holding blocks and snaps, that detach the strap when deployed

  • 2” web strap for lifting, with a one way slide buckle that won’t back out

  • “V” cleat for holding the lift line and keeping it
    out of the way

  • The Recovery Straps have two 1” web straps with alternating handles that snap together so 1 or 2 people can lift



Pole Length (m)

3.6 m

Pole Length (ft)

12 ft

Pole Ø (cm)

3.2 cm

Pole Ø (in)

1.25 in

Weight (kg)

4.3 kg

Weight (lb)

  9.5 lbs




Rescue Pole Overview

Rescue Pole Overview
Rescue Pole Overview
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Rescue Pole Overview

C-Hero One Man MOB Rescue
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C-Hero One Man MOB Rescue

Training C-Hero Rescue Pole and Davit
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Training C-Hero Rescue Pole and Davit

MOB Manual Rescue and WITH a C-Hero Rescue Pole with Recovery Straps
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MOB Manual Rescue and WITH a C-Hero Rescue Pole with Recovery Straps