The Waterway Journal Weekly - January 28, 2019

Harken, C-Hero Debut MOB Rescue System

“... The manning levels of towing vessels coupled with reduced maneuvering capabilities on heavily trafficked waters in restricted visibility limit rapid man overboard recovery options,” Smith said. “The C-Hero system is the best possible means of assuring a safe, swift recovery in nearly any operational condition by one person.”

Decatur Marine Audit & Survey, a U.S. Coast Guard third-party organization, recently reviewed the C-Hero MOB Rescue System and awarded it a type approval certificate specific to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) A520(13) operational readiness requirements for vessels with lower freeboards. Smith said the type approval is a huge step for the potentially life-saving system.

“We’re thrilled that Decatur Marine’s exhaustive technical review of C-Hero has resulted in the system’s type approval,” Smith said. “We look forward to the day when all Subchapter M workboats are equipped with a C-Hero MOB recovery solution.”...

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