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Available In Both Bitt & Flat Mount Installations

The industry spoke and C-Hero listened. You wanted a no frills, low cost, yet effective means of getting a MOB out of the water all while maintaining high C-Her quality requirements. Done. Introducing the patent pending 3 Series - FIXED Rescue Davit series. Once the MOB has been secured in the Standard Rescue Strap, the boom raises and pivots back to the end of the fixed winch plate. This takes your MOB out of water and closer to safety. Available in both Bitt Mount and Flat Mount applications, all C-Hero Rescue Davits can either secure to your vessel's bitt (even one side of an H-bitt) or lock into the Flat Mount's receiving unit, pre installed at your suitable desired location. Thus, making C-Hero suitable for both water and land based applications.

Complete your davit system with either the VR-12 Rescue Pole + Standard Strap or the upgraded HR-12 Rescue Pole + Body Sling. Contact us for pricing.

Patent Pending in US, UK, Canada & Europe

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"It would eliminate the need for us having to put a person in the water, as a rescue swimmer, to help with an incapacitated person."
P. Hendrix
Foss Maritime


The above short video provides a quick glance at all of our available Rescue Davits

The 3 Series - Fixed, 5 Series Fixed Plus, & the 7 Series - Swivel



+ Fixed Close Up_edited.png
  • Compact and easy to stow

  • Boom raises and pivots to the end of the fixed winch plate, taking your MOB out of the water and closer to safety

  • System features Harken 20ST Radial winch, Spinlock rope brake, and 10" Harken winch handle

  • 23' long, 10 mm lift line with stopper ball and hook, 6 mm tension line

  • Bitt Mount - Two 2" adjustable polypro straps with latch clamps for tightening around the bitt

  • Flat Mount - Anodized aluminum mount with tethered pins to be pre installed at your desired location 

  • The most cost effective MOB solution on the market​​​

+ Swivel (3).png
Tech Specs



Our Rescue Davit systems are light enough for one person to retrieve and carry into position. It attached in less than 30 seconds by way of two 2" polypropylene straps, top and bottom, with locking latch clamps for sinching around the bitt. Rear body back angles steady the unit onto the bitt to prevent rocking. These back angles can be adjusted to accommodate taller and shorter bitts. The davit bottom is chamfered to clear bitt weldes in order to help prevent an uneven installation. The 7 Series Bitt Mount comes complete with side feet to stabilize the unit during side to side boom operations.

+ Fixed Plus (2).png


Our Rescue Davit systems are light enough for one person to retrieve and carry into position. The Davit locks into the pre mounted receiving unit in less than 30 seconds and is secured by two thru pins. The flat mount receiving unit, and the Davit, can be mounted on any structurally sound flat surface or handrail. Our Flat Mount Rescue Davits come complete with a single mounting bracket. For versatility, order an additional receiving unit allowing for deployment on either side of the vessel.


Height (cm/in)

132 / 52

Width (cm)

41 / 16

Boom - Bitt Mount (m/ft)

2.03 / 6-8

Boom - Flat Mount (m/ft)

1.3 / 4-3

Weight - Bitt Mount *w boom (kg/lb)

21.6 / 47.6

Weight - Flat Mount *w boom (kg/lb)

17.05 / 37.6

Capacity (kg/lb)

158.8 / 350