The patent pending C-Hero® Rescue Davit is portable and versatile, making it an ideal part of almost any vertical lifting rescue. The flat-mount davit system is mounted on a flat surface on a workboat or ferry. It can also be used in land based application. Complete your davit system with either the standard VR-12 Rescue Pole + Standard Strap or the upgraded HR-12 Rescue Pole + Body Sling. Contact us for pricing.

*New + Fixed rescue davit coming soon!

Patent Pending in US, UK, Canada & Europe

We are now offering a 45 day trial period on all C-Hero rescue devices! To learn more about our trial program, click the "45 day trial" button below.

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"Yesterday we had an annual inspection....and the Coast Guard, once again, loved your device. I heard them saying that 'this tool should be a requirement'. It worked flawlessly during MOB drills."
D. Blohm
Golden State Bridge


The video above is an example of the C-Hero Rescue Pole and Flat Mount Davit in a man overboard (MOB) drill scenario



This portable lightweight man overboard lifting davit has a proven 3-minute underway man overboard recovery. The Rescue Davit system is light enough for one person to retrieve and carry into position. It attaches in less than 30 seconds. One small person on deck can hoist a 158.8 kg (350 pound) person aboard using the included Radial winch. The boom is long enough to clear tires and fenders; the worm gear controls the boom swing. The flush-mount davit system is mounted on a flat surface on a workboat or ferry. The davit includes a mounting bracket and is pinned with two tethered pins. The flush mount davit system comes with a reduced boom size. A mount for each side of the vessel is recommended. Complete the system with the VR 12 Rescue Pole, sold separately.



  • Compact and easy to use and stow

  • Worm gear and handle, to control the boom swing

  • System features Harken 20ST Radial winch, Spinlock rope brake, and 10" Harken winch handle

  • 23' long, 10 mm lift line with stopper ball and hook, 6 mm tension line

  • Aluminum anodized Flat Mount, with two tethered pins​

  • Size: 52" x 18.5" x 15", davit is 4' 3"

  • Winch can be upgraded to a 35 ST 2-speed winch 

  • Weight: 34 lbs



Height (cm)

132 cm

Height (in)

52 in

Width (cm)

41 cm

Width (in)

16 in

Depth (cm)


Depth (in)


Boom length (m)

1.3 m

Boom length (ft)

4'3" ft

Weight (kg)

15.4 kg

Weight (lb)

34 lb